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“Tierra Smart Homes” field of Home Automation products. We transform your home, office, and Hotel- wherever you use them- by aimlessly integrating into your Current switchboards.

Data Loggers (2)


The Tierra Multi channel data logger/recorder was designed to record data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors.

Feed back devices


Tierra Feedback Devices Captures Real-time Customer Feedback with its Effective Service Recovery and Analyzing Information Efficiently with Ranking Reports. Retail Feedback System helps to improve the quality and service of business and Helps in resolving issues quickly



“Install Your Offices and Labs with Raspberry Pi Systems at Low Cost and Better Outcome”



We have 10 years of Experience staff for manufacturing of RF and Microwave products with ISO Standards.

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Install theses Displays for addressing your Business in our modern city.

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Tierra security alarm system is a system which has to be designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into your premises like building or other area such as a home or school, offices and Shops.

Face Detection Access Control


Tierra Face Detection System is a simple cloud-based software system which captures employees ,Students TIME IN & TIME OUT from our Face Detection Security systems .

Access Control -01


Our Biometric system is a technological system that uses information about a person (or other biological organism) to identify that person.

Access Control -02 (1)


Tierra access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there with efficiency.

Isolated monitoring cameras on blue sky


The latest High Focused networked CCTV surveillance systems protect your facility and provide visual evidence of burglary, theft, Interrupts and more.

Bar code Sanners


Tierra Barcode scanners are a convenient devices to Scan the information Accurately and Transform the data from the real world to your app.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug

An Effective yet extensive connector to handle heavy appliances. Smart plug or heavy-duty plug has the power measurement circuit, inbuilt surge protector, and ceramic housing for electrical protection.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Higher level of security for your Property. Smartphone operated lock system that is enabled with Bluetooth with a Wi-Fi dongle provision. Lock/Unlock your doors and give authorization to the individuals you trust.

Smart Motor Controller

Smart Motor Controller

The 3-phase & single phase variant makes you control every water motor tube at homes and at farms or agriculture lands. A smart key chain provided with it to operate the motor effectively for efficient use. The contactor box in the panel eases the installation process and also protects your motor from a dry run, phase reversal, overload, and phase failure.

Smart Gas Sensor

Smart Gas Sensor

Protect yourselves from the gas outflow from the LPG cylinder. The gas sensor has a USB port that can be connected to the monitoring system and alarms when there’s any defect to the cylinder.

Smart Light Sensor

Smart Light Sensor

Fixed into the alarm systems as part of security. Light sensors radiate infrared beams and send an alarm when an object is detected in its travel path. This saves you from burglary and theft.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

A crux in your security system. The motion sensor detects the burglars who try to dig into your space. It’s the core part of the intruder alarm system that’s ready to trigger you in various situations. As soon as motion is detected through the security camera, the alarm begins to vibrate and sends threat alerts to you.

Door Bell with Survielliance

Doorbell with Surveillance

Using a Wi-Fi enabled camera, which uses P2P technology, your mobile phone receives a call to have a video talk with the individual you have on the door when you’re away from home. TIERRA has a wide range of IP cameras that monitors your place 24/7.

Smart MCB

Smart MCB

A circuit breaker for your appliances. The actions you perform on your appliances with a voice command or a tap, it requires smart MCB. Switch on/off at any time from any place. Set scheduling time, timers that combined with scenes and workflows.

Smart Bulb

Smart Bulb

The pleasing lights from TIERRA will be in sequence with the lighting effects. Our smart bulbs offer various shades. An LED bulb capable of holding all the colors within can tune to the effects as per your setting. Install and tune it accordingly.

Smart Switch Controller

Smart Switch Controller

Control all your appliances with our application. TIERRA mobile app allows you to trigger and regulate appliances when they are connected to our smart switches. The 4-variant switch can track the power consumption and show you the real-time insights on the behavior of applications.

Door Cutain Controller (2)

Smart Curtain Controller

The TIERRA Curtain Controller is designed to control motorized curtains and projector screens. The module has to be wired to the curtain motor and connects over wi-fi to give you control of your curtains or projector screens on our App. This will work along with any existing setup you have to control the curtains or projector screen.